Ram ~ Nikhitha

‘An Outdoor couple shoot at Jaipur? Wait, how about Mahabalipuram?’. The sweet couple didn’t bother to choose one but picked up both the destinations for their outdoor shoot. Two different cities meant two different stories and the mood was naturally high. Our idea was to coin one defining spot in each of the cities and capture memories. In Jaipur, it was the Jaipur City palace. With the frozen heritage in the background and beautiful pigeons in the foreground, we had a ball.
When it came to Mahabalipuram, our unanimous choice was the Shore temple. The couple had a rooted love for this timeless space of beauty and were excited about making pictures here. We pulled out few beautiful silhouette shots and had a casual stroll into the temple too.

  • Photographer : Amar Ramesh
  • Shoot Location : Jaipur, The Shore temple - Mahabalipuram