Sanjana ~ Puneeth

Be it life or photography, they knew what they wanted. It was such a delight to work with Puneet and Sanjana during their outdoor shoot. “Pollachi it is”, they said after watching a travel video we had done on the place earlier. They loved the place. They also came up with inspiring ideas for the shoot. And after all the helpful insights, they let the flow completely to our control. We’ve been to Pollachi so many times but every time it is a different experience. As in the very same mountains and the lakes and the trees come together in a different way to different people. This time for Puneet and Sanjana, GOLD is the word. If you look at the pictures, you will find that golden mood and light sprinkled all over. The mood stood lit. Not just in the pictures but off the frames also they enjoyed Pollachi totally. Now that is a real experience, and looking back at these pictures, all the good times unfold. Take a look at their outdoor shoot in the blog.

  • Photographers : Amar Ramesh, Lakshman
  • Location : Pollachi