Arunan ~ Malavika

There are friendly people and there are photography-friendly people. Arunan & Malavika fall into the latter category and we had a gala time naturally, shooting their special moments. Right from the Sangeet that we shot in Chennai to the wedding in Salem to the reception in Chennai again, the space they offered to the photographers was ample and encouraging. To wedding photographers running from pillar to pillar to capture the best and the most, such an understanding struck with the couple is a blessing. In fact during the reception there came a moment when we were shooting couple portraits. Things were going light-speed in the event and the couple were asked to come on stage for the proceedings that were getting delayed. But the groom held his ground exclaiming how important the moment was for him and that to preserve it all in photos was more important than anything else. “Let me be done with the photo session here. Everything else can wait” he said with a thoughtful smile. There you go. Enough said, take a look at the lovely moments we managed to capture in their wedding celebrations.

  • Photographers : Amar Ramesh, Lakshman
  • Venue : Chennai