Dinesh ~ Vaishnavi

How far does one go to freeze memories with the loved one? Well, D and V went to ICELAND! Some might call it a thing too-dreamy-to-do, and it actually is. Iceland is a land beyond the lands we've seen, and to have camped in this Nordic island in the North Atlantic was something else. The fact that Dinesh was a photography enthusiast himself was the icing on the cake. The couple participated wholly, and that's a delight anytime to us, the photographers (you must check out their wedding blog to know more of their love story). As much as it was spectacular, we had a lot of challenges too. Freezing temperature long walks, testing conditions… but the spirit of love stood tall as we went on to make a series of lovely pictures. Take a breath, and enter into this saga of love.
góðan dag!

  • Photographers : Amar, Lakshman
  • Venue : Iceland
  • Costume : Studio 149