Dinesh ~ Vyshnavi

The way two souls are born in different places, and they travel all the way through the odds and evens to find each other... Love stories are fascinating! Especially when it is an arranged marriage, it gets even trickier to take a stand and choose THE one for the self. The interesting story of Dinesh and vyshnavi takes roots from such a scenario too. Dinesh had always believed in being free as the Bachelor he was until he got to meet Vaishnavi. When the families proposed the idea, they took their time. He was in the USA and she was in Vellore. Countries away, they lived in different time zones and had little to catch up when they could over messages and calls. Months passed and when HE finally flew to the base to meet HER, they did not have a question to ask but a unanimous YES to say to each other.
The decision resonated as colorful vibes throughout the wedding ceremony as the friends and family came together as rejoiced the occasion. The happiness was contagious and stood lit throughout. We felt one with them, given all the time and space they gave to our team. It is truly a treat to work with people who understand your value and make you feel belonged.
We go in search of our destinies, but at times, we are our destinies. All we have to do is join hands, feel the love in togetherness and take the walk forward. Take a look at how these two loving souls began their journey of NOW AND FOREVER!
(Psst: We just returned from Iceland after shooting their post-wedding memories. Stay tuned for an exciting set of pictures, sooner)

  • Photographers : : Amar, Lakshman, Smruthi, Gokul and Nakul
  • Venue : Bangalore, Vellore