Manoj ~ Neesha

From the blue skies of Santorini to the warm sands of Jaisalmer, we have done a lot of outdoor couple shoots across the world. Having said that, we don’t forget to look around and discover the beauty of the local spots in the city we live in too. Every city is filled with interesting destinations and endless stories to shoot, and this time we came up with something offbeat, an outdoor couple shoot set in a different location.
Manoj & Neesha had been in the United States of America for most of their life and had come to Chennai for their outdoor couple shoot. They wanted their outdoor shoot to be native and authentic, reflecting the spirit of Chennai. We discussed a lot of places like Mahabalipuram, Marina and more, but they all were clichéd. “How about Parrys corner?” we asked and they nodded happily. Parrys corner is one of the most happening places in the city and is always on its foot. It was an exciting choice but we had no clue how it’d turn out. We reached there early morning and the place was already buzzing with activity. The bride’s Mom also accompanied us and was our assistant with love. We were wondering where to start and the flower market got our attention. We started off with some random shots in the alley, and in a while, the crowd slowly started connecting with us. “What’s happening here?” asked a local vendor, and in a while, he became our best friend helping us to choose locations and spots. A rickshwala on the way stopped and rendered his time for few clicks on the ride. One of the shopkeepers even cleared his stall on the floor and set up a frame with flower baskets in the foreground and people walking in the background. That’s how warm the people around were, reflecting the spirit of Chennai in every way. We then took a few shots in the Kapaleeshwar temple. On the whole, the outing turned out to be a memorable destination outdoor couple shoot in our archive. End of the day, we had a great time looking back at the memories.

  • Photographer : Dilip kumar
  • Shoot Location : Parrys corner, chennai