Siddhu ~ Bhargavi

"Oh God, that's crazy!"
That was our (and everyone's) first reaction to their wedding invite. Not often do we get to be a part of a 'wedding renewal'(?!). We started off with some quirky couple shots on the go at the Ramoji film city en route the wedding venue - the Sanghi temple. Located 35 kms from Hyderabad is this beautiful small temple situated on a hillock. As one enters, a huge Maha Dwaram (gateway) welcomes the visitors. Yes, it was an outdoor wedding and you have to give it to them for the way they made use of the available space. Siddhu (a graphic designer/wedding photographer) and Bhargavi's (Architect) love for design and aesthetics naturally showed up. They knew exactly what they wanted and how they wanted to look. Their dress, the colors and even the spoiler alerts were perfectly coordinated. The white-yellow themed patterns worked out really well too. It was a 50-80 member event, giving us space and time to move around and capture the moments well.
A close gang of friends outnumbered the family members and guaranteed laughter riots. The energy level was contagiously high and it kept getting better as the ceremony proceeded. The rituals were the best part when the couple had so much fun. What we loved the most was the couple's spontaneity. All through the wedding, they never missed a chance to wink secretly or laugh out loud. Watch out for some quirky shots down the blog where the expressions pop out of the screen. Looking at their pictures one could easily sense the thread of excitement that weaves their fabulous love story.
We've done so many weddings in Hyderabad. Once in a while weddings like this come and bowl us over, making us believe in the magic of love; the way it brings two souls together crazily, forever

  • Photographers : Amar Ramesh, Smruthi
  • Venue : The Sanghi temple, Hyderabad