Karthik ~ Aishwarya

Love finds its way across continents. At times, it finds its way just across the street. Love lived right opposite to each other for years. The story was like a beautiful song waiting to be penned. They grew up together and so did their love. You see them and you will know in a blink of an eye that his sarcasm and insanity found the perfect companionship with her childish smiles and excitement. Watching them have fun through their wedding journey was amazing! Whether it was her enthusiasm and his composure, her elegance and his style, her smile and his kiss on the forehead, her yawning and him letting her rest on his shoulder - they danced, laughed and lived together every moment of the process and we enjoyed capturing every memory of the process. And as we did that, we realised, their love wasn't just a song. It is a poem with a million meanings within to comprehend and another million emotions within to be felt. The love between them just stepped into its next stanza and the world cannot wait to hear to their story.

1. Designer - Manish Malhotra (Aishu) & Raghavendra Rathore (karthik)
2. Decor - Venu Art director
3. MUAH - Sohtouch Artistry(Aishu) & Shiva F salon(Karthik)

1. Designer - Kanakvalli
2. Decor - Venu art director
3. Jewellery- Mangatrai Jewllers 36
3. MUAH - Sohtouch Artistry

1. Designer - Kanakavalli edit & Shravan Kumar label (Aishu) & Varun Chakkilam (Karthik)
2. Decor - Venu Art Director
3. Jewellery - MBJ Jaipur
4. MUAH - Sohtouch

1. Designer - Falguni Shane peacock & Angasutra (Aishu) & Shravan KUMAR label (Karthik)
2. Decor - Venu Art Director
3. Jewellery - MBJ Jaipur
4. MUAH - Sohtouch

  • Photographers : Amar, Smruthi and Nakul
  • Venue : The Address - Conventions & Exhibitions - Hyderabad