Gautham & Mamtha

It was a festival of hearts! When we say festival, we don't say it relatively but literally, as this wedding gala was spread over 6 days. Friends, fun, and most importantly family - it was all intertwined but nothing could win over the shine that the lovely couple exuded together. Mamtha & Gautham - they are one of that rare kind of couples whom you can call 'meant-to-be' just looking at the way they carry each other. The way she tugs her hands into his arms every time when they stand together, and the way he holds his ground firmly supporting her like a branch to its leaf, it is just lit with love!

The attention to detail that Mamtha paid had its exciting dividends as the entire celebration was a thread of memorable moments that had just the right decor adorning it. From the invite to the event day flowers to the dresses to the dances, every little thing was so well planned. Their love for the roots remained intact as ever, with all the traditions and rituals running through seamlessly. In fact, we never felt an ending to this saga. A day ago when they were here at our studio (along with their cousins who never failed to bring out the laughter riot), we sat around and spoke for hours together about all the good times we had. End of the evening, we settled in calmness and felt that satisfying feeling called family. Yes, the moment is certainly lit with love!

  • Photographers : Lakshman, Suresh, Gokul, Nakul
  • Venue : Tiruvannamalai, chittoor