Arnaud ~ Preethi

An analytical, kind and generous guy from Belgium meets the assertive and impulsive Indian girl from London in the cross roads of Germany. That’s quite a universal connection, as Arnaud and Preeti found love with each other and took the big leap together. What can we say? There is so much to! Apparently there has not been a day when Arnaud did not crave for Palak Paneer, and Preeti persistent on getting hitched in a classic Tam Bram style in Chennai. It all boiled down to that moment of love they held together, especially when they slurped their banana leaf meal with bare hands helping each other. As small as that, as grand as that, as calm as that, as chaotic as that… a world of contradictions, ice and fire, Arnaud and Preeti… Sigh! We are in love with them, and the pictures say it all. Yes we picture precious weddings all the time, but once in a while, we get to witness such souls crossing continents and celebrating certainty. It is at these moments we feel that love is ONE; not as a destination but as a journey.

Now we let you take a tour into this Cross roads of Love. Stay moved.

Edited by : Israel - Gowsalya - Threnethra

  • Photographers : Lakshman, Gokul Anand, Nakul
  • Venue : Miththam
  • Decor : Event Art Wedding Planners