Nishanth ~ Malavika

The first time they met each other was when Nishanth ragged Malavika on a lighter note in their first year college days. They didn’t acquaint anytime after that. The next time they met was when their parents arranged the marriage and they surprisingly met again as the prince and princess they were destined to be. “I would call it destiny, the way he takes care of me and the way were meant to be with each other” said Malavika in an elated mood. Nishanth was equally charmed by the magical serendipity they experienced. We were delighted when we heard their story and camped with excitement at Hyderabad to shoot their memories. It was a weeklong celebration that saw the colors of love unveil grandly.
Malavika and Nishanth have an amazing chemistry together. They laugh constantly; they are at ease around one another. Their wedding ceremony on the spaces of Novotel was full of love and laughter. If there is one thing that stands to be shared out loud, it is the hospitality that they embraced us with. The couple, their families and the friends in the gathering treated us one amongst them. It is a photographer’s delight to be treated so well, and we will always cherish the memories. Malavika and Nishanth, thank you for letting us be there for you. We had a blast and wish you all the joy in the world!

  • Photographers : Amar Ramesh, Lakshman, Smruthi
  • Venue : N Convention Hyderabad, Hyderabad JRC