Anvesh ~ Neha

That morning, we were all set to capture some lovely moments in the golden hour of the beach. Just that the Sun refused to come out of the clouds at all. The light was gloomy, the weather was rain-prone, but yeah, who cares?Especially when you have a couple as lovely as Anvesh & Neha who outshone everything else with their spark. Embracing the romance in the air, we set out to make the best out of the situation. We played with contrast, colors, and were into the shoot; so much that we failed to notice the rain that suddenly had the best of us. It poured from nowhere and we had to run around and catch shelter for the equipment that weren’t so rain-friendly. There is a depth in the after-rain hours which we included in the shots we took ahead. We very well went on making shots till 11 AM, which wouldn’t have been possible if the Sun was straight over our heads. Like they say, every challenge is a blessing in disguise? It turns out true and we had a nice outing. Check out the pictures in the blog to find out for yourself.

  • Photographers : Amar Ramesh
  • Shoot Location : Mahabalipuram, chennai