Vamsi ~ Roshni

You can say how huge the wedding is going to be when there is a statue of the groom’s grandfather in Hyderabad. Yes, it was that level of magnanimity that led us into the big day of Vamsi & Roshni. There was this aura of happiness that governed the wedding fervour, and it thrived all the way along. The groom was all pumped up and the bride was poised to perfection. When you have such a pair going, everything falls into place and the flow happens to be seamless. Naturally, we came back with a lot of amazing pictures in our bag, easily our favourites of this season. Enough said we now let you take a look at their grand gala of love.

  • Photographers : Amar Ramesh, Lakshman, Smruthi
  • Venue : N Convention Hyderabad, Hyderabad JRC