Mekhala ~ Gareth

Handsome Gareth and gorgeous Mekhala had found love in Lancaster, Gareth wanted to come all the way to India and have one perfect tamil brahmin wedding with all the rituals and the fun in place. Planned on the breezy open spaces of Rain Tree - Vivanta by Taj, everyone made their glad presence, including the rain. The heavy showers did not stop the fun in any way as the ceremony was held indoors and the gala went in full swing. There was so much happiness all around, and the faces said it all.
"It is really hard to define that particular moment when I fell for him... I believe it is a series of moments that made our love happen. Our relationship in that sense is more of a feeling we share rather than an incident that I could recollect... Yeah, that's pretty much it" said Mekhala with happy tears. Gareth smiled back in silence. That's how sweet their response was when we asked about the moment they fell in love.
It was a treat to see love flowing across the borders and people enjoying the occasion unanimously. And it was moving to see their driver being gifted with a surprise-sum of 10 lacs and a donation being made to build a home for the visually challenged people. Now that's a true celebration of happiness.
With just the best friends and the close family members around, there was so much space to roam around and capture memories. In an age where weddings are crowded and tied to time, this one was sure a heaven to be in. As photographers, we embraced so much life in the process that we ended up as good friends to the love birds and their family. We truly loved it all. Take a look for yourself.

  • Photographer : Amar Ramesh
  • Venue : Rain Tree - Vivanta by Taj