Macsha ~ Aabidah

Macsha and Aabidah were a classy couple. They did not miss a chance to swag in style during their wedding celebrations. Of the many events that they had in line, the ‘Gatsby themed get together’ was one thing they looked forward to with a lot of excitement. But unfortunately, nature had other plans as the Vardah storm took a toll on the entire city for two days. They naturally had to cancel the event, but then, ‘Why drop the Gatsby thing?’ we thought. It’s never too late to try out something stylish. We have done a lot of offbeat outdoor photo shoots in Chennai. This was certainly one of them as we set their gatsby style outdoor photo shoot in a usual beachside spot. The couple was game for it, sported a Gatsby-style outfit and flaunted their spirit. The idea was to experiment and show how style stands out irrespective of the place or the time. Ultimately, it is the person and the personality, we thought. Take a look.

  • Photographer : Amar Ramesh
  • Shoot Location : ECR chennai