Adithya ~ Ashmitha

Every bride has a dream in mind when it comes to her wedding. In fact many dreams… about the dress, family & friends, the decor and everything else. To realize it all is a blessing. What’s more gifted is when she gets a groom who appreciates the beauty in all the little things and pays attention to the detail, just the way she does. That’s how gifted Ash + Adi’s union turns out to be. Two very classy people, who know how to love and how to receive love, joined hands for two moments, NOW AND FOREVER!
With such certainty in the shore, you can imagine the wave of things that they would have made possible. Dress, decor, the theme… everything was lit with momentous hours of planning filled with love and perfection. In fact, they had brought in an amazing treasure trove of elements for adorning the background during their portrait session. From the photographer’s perspective, you have no idea what a treat it was, for the pictures to come alive, it is not just the couple but everything around has to fall in place. It did, for this lovely couple and it was a musical feeling spread across the series events. Take a look at the memories that sing the song of Ash+Adi together. Just by looking at them, one can say that they are set to travel a long way together. As we said, it is a musical feeling… Hard to explain, but profoundly felt!

  • Photographers : Amar, Nakul, Lakshman, Gokul and Smruthi
  • Venue : chennai