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Finally…… { Imran & Aslina } wedding film

Here’s what we learned – A flamboyant bride is a photographer’s best dream come true.

Remember Aslina, our Pinterest bride (yeah, that’s what we call her now!), from the engagement we shot a month ago? A scene straight from the pages of Arabian nights, a heartwarming mix of tears, laughter and fun, she took us on our next photography memory—an Arabian Nights-themed Sangeet.

For all things visual, Arabia had truly descended upon the next venue of our spectacular journey at Clarion Chennai. The costumes, décor and performances were our first virtual experience of a Sangeet Arabic ishtyle. Aslina and Imran, the bride and the groom played the role of a truly Arabian Shehzadaa and Shehzaadi. The visual feast which was an Arabian fantasy come true kept us stuck behind our lenses into the wee hours of the morning. And yet as the dawn broke we weren’t satiated.

The bride obliged, again.

Like most Islamic weddings, the rituals were brief and crisp. You can see what got our photography adrenalin pumping at the wedding—a rare presence and a sight for sore eyes in a movie-crazy country. Bless our princess, er…Pinterest bride..

A huge shout out to Aslina, Imran and her wedding party for handcrafting a perfect wedding for us!

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