Prashanth ~ Mala

We truly don’t know where to start when talking about how exciting we felt when shooting this lovely couple – Mala and Prashanth. #Pralala, maybe that sums it all! More than a hashtag, it became a new identity as two became ONE. Right from the first call we had, the wave of comfort we shared with them was amazing. Individually at many instances, each of them made us feel belonged and nothing like a couple that cooperates for a photographer to capture memories. It is important that we throw light on each of these stars.

Mala, the bubble – that’s the right way to call for she is always the soul that keeps jumping around effortlessly spreading colours and reflecting joy. When you think of Mala, the image you will remember will always be lit with a smile and a careless twinkle in her eyes. She literally carried the soul of the entire wedding mood, as she was there in all the places. On stage too, she took her genuine minute to share that smile which spoke a million memories with each of her loved ones. She never let anything for granted but prudently lived it all.

Prashanth, the prudent playboy – Now don’t get us wrong! What we intend to mention is how much he loves the FOOTBALL game. He loves it so much that even minutes before entering the Thaali tying ritual stage, he was there in his room watching his favourite game’s replay with his friends. (Glad that we got that on the camera). He is also this super-friendly and down-to-earth guy whom you’d love to talk to. That being said, there was also this beautiful transformation that we witnessed in him. As in he was this cool, confident and characteristic young gentleman whom we knew at first. Through the ceremonies, we saw him become more vulnerable, lovestruck and the charismatic romantic! That’s what love does to you.

The consequences of a divine commitment, love, is inevitable and these two totally submitted to it. Each of them had a world of friends and families, and it was a true delight to see them come together as one. That’s the beauty of the weddings, blending families and traditions. The freedom that the parents had given to their children’s (in their eyes we always are children, aren’t we?) dreams and desires fascinated us. Like every wish was granted, be it the decor or the dance floor, it all came alive as the couple wished. More so as friends and role models, they led the way for Prashanth and Mala to celebrate the moments.

We still remember our mood on the morning of their wedding. After the spree of events, by the time we were there to shoot their big day, it felt like attending a best friend’s wedding. That’s how amicable and understanding they were all the way through. It is an honour to work with people who understand your craft and value your work. It still feels like a blur, the series of events and the fun and laughter in each of them, and the wave of emotions that kept sweeping over (special mention to the speech that Mala made on her Mehendi day). Before putting out this blog, we had reached out to both of them in cloud nine to hear on how they felt about the happiness in place.

“I just feel complete. Prashanth is a good guy, and also now a lucky guy to have me for this lifetime I say. Everything fell in place, more than what we planned for one whole year. This seriously is a dream come true. Prashanth is my dream, this love I have for him will always be realized so true” said Mala with her chirpy smile.

“Overwhelming is the word. I am too overwhelmed to share it all in a few words now. I was never a big fan of rituals but with her, Mala, everything made sense to me. I found the purpose in being together and the meaning of blessings. It is an utterly good feeling to get married to someone you love. She means a lot to me. I am blessed with her. I love her”, said Prashanth in an emotionally happy tone.

Strange but true, we didn’t want their wedding to end at all. It is like how it feels after your favorite island vacation. #Pralala was our island vacation, and we have so many memories to share and stories to be told. But the best of all are those that remain untold. It is like we are full of words yet speechless. Looking at them standing next to each other is by far the most beautiful thing we care to remember. And we don’t mind starting again, all over. Here are the pictures to do the talking. Here’s the spell of love that had us in its twirl so far. A big shout out to the entire friends and family that we now feel belonged with.

Hear-lit, presenting you #Pralala!