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The Great Indian Parsi Wedding

{ Youhan & Priyanka }

Photographed by – Amarramesh


Shooting a Parsi wedding has always been on our list ever since we heard about all the excitement and calmness that it comes with. That’s a contradicting pair of emotions we just told but that’s how diverse it happens in a Parsi wedding. Thanks to the lovely couple Youhan and Priyanka who chose us unanimously to shoot their big day, we got to witness and capture their grand Parsi wedding. For those who have always wondered about what happens in a Parsi wedding, hop on as we take you for a ride through this great Indian Parsi wedding.

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Pre-wedding gala:

Parsi weddings are mostly closely knitted with a small community of friends and family lighting the occasion. As wedding photographers who run from pillar to pillar to capture the moments amidst a huge crowd, this was like a breeze totally. Talking about the pre-wedding gala, it was even smaller with a very close group of loved ones cherishing the eve. Happening in the heart of their beautiful home garden, the taste for décor and food lit the occasion.

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The wedding ceremony with Parsi rituals:

Unlike the most other Indian wedding ceremonies, the Parsi ceremony is relatively short, like below thirty minutes. I know, that sounds real short but you wouldn’t believe the kind of meaningful rituals that fill the space with blessings. Hosted at the grand Chowmahalla palace, the preparations were in full swing when we entered the venue of Youhan & Priyanka’s wedding. There is always a lively vibe that slowly catches up with you in the Parsi weddings. The Parsi people consider sunrise and sunsets as the most auspicious times of the day to get married. This wedding adorned the evening time.

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The grand stage got decorated with flowers, lights and was set with traditional parsi divas. Fire is a sacred symbol for Parsis and they see it as a symbol of God and wisdom. Also, white is a symbol of purity and you can see a lot of white in the attires around.

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The proceeding began as the groom stepped up to the wedding stage, welcomed by the bride’s Mom, who performed the ritual Achumichu ceremony. It began as she circled a coconut around the groom’s head seven times and then broke it on the floor. She does the same with the remaining items on her silver tray. The same ritual is performed by the groom’s Mom on the Bride.


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Then comes Ara Antar. The bride and the groom are made sitting to face each other but separated by a curtain held by two people from the bride’s and groom’s side. The couple will be holding a fist of uncooked rice in their hands (called dasturjis) with a length of thread that circles them seven times. Once the seventh circle is done, the curtain is dropped and the couple throws rice at each other. It is believed that the first to throw the rice remains the dominating character in their relationship ahead. It is quite a game when the couple gets into action and we loved watching it.

The priests then began the main part of the wedding (aashirwad) in a ceremony called the Chero Bandhvanu. In a while, the newly weds are showered with blessings, they exchange rings and they are declared Var and Bair.

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Post-wedding gala

The wedding ceremony is followed by a whole lot of celebrations. It is all about food and drinks at the Parsi weddings. In fact, drinks are served way before the wedding ceremony so the folks can build up their appetite. The full course Parsi meals served on the Banana is a delightful scene to even see, let alone the melting taste.

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The attention to details, the mood of celebration, the people, food and just everything was so perfect about this Parsi wedding. On the whole, this is one of the sweetest, simplest and super grand weddings we shot last year. Looking forward to more.

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