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To produce a short film that showcases freshdesk’s work space as a perfect blend of creativity and productivity at par with global best practices.



To place freshdesk as one of the pathbreakers in Indian tech startup companies when it comes to Employee Engagement and Customer Service. The video can be used to attract both prospective clients and potential employees. To bring the message out effectively, the video will highlight the following aspects:


↣ A brief background about the company, its philosophy and work culture

↣ Workspace Features

↣ Unconventional work environment | Natural sunlight | Quirky nooks | Walls for writing

↣ Highlight the artists’ works : Architects, Designers and Mural artist.

Proposed Formats

These are five ideas for the video flow accompanied by a sample video. These samples are not the highest quality and are purely meant to provide an idea. The actual shots will be derived based on our conversation after flow selection.Needless to say, when you sign Studio A, the final deliverable will be a perfect piece of art.

Flow 1

This video will be footage of the office space with matching background music.

Flow 2

It will feature multiple voices from within the company, for instance, Human Resources, Office design team, a new employee, or a client overlaid with footage of the office space in active use by employees.

Flow 3

A host (freshdesk employee) could walk through the space highlighting the innovations. This could either be an active engagement where the host is talking on camera about each space or it could be passive engagement where the host is passing through different spots and utilizing the space. The latter will predominantly be a montage of employees working through the day.

Flow 4

With a combination of voiceovers and background music, the visuals will pan into the architect’s hands sketching the idea and zoom into the actual implementation at freshdesk.

Flow 5

In order to create a visual walkthrough of the space, the camera will be a shifting point-of-view story. The shot will follow a receptionist (A) taking a call, to her walking to an employee (B) to deliver a message, to a meeting with another employee (C) and so on.

Price Estimates

The prices correspond to each flow suggestion. Based on the flow selected, we would be happy to work out a quotation to suit your specific requirements.

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* Costs provided above are indicative and will need to be fine tuned based on the agreed format & requirements.

Thank you for taking the time to read this proposal. We’d love to talk this over with you in person and start the planning process for the film. Do give us a call at 72999 22898/72999 22881 or email us at contact@amarramesh.com to take things forward.


Amar Ramesh